7 Remarkable Reasons Why You Should Private Label Biotin

7 Remarkable Reasons Why You Should Private Label Biotin

7 Remarkable Reasons Why You Should Private Label Biotin

Including Biotin, also known as vitamin B7, in the diet offers a diversity of health benefits. Some of the health reimbursements include enhanced metabolism, preservation of tissues, healthy skin, heart problem relief, and blood sugar maintenance. Biotin is also favorable in patients with Parkinson’s, Rett syndrome, alopecia, and in those suffering from vaginal candidiasis.

Water Solubility

Biotin is water-soluble and must be replenished in the diet as it is used by the body. A deficiency of this important vitamin can lead to different health disorders. Therefore, it is highly recommended to include a sufficient amount of vitamin B7 in the diet.

Significant Sources

A number of foods provide vitamin B7 in the diet including egg yolks, milk, liver, fish, and kidney. It is also important to understand egg whites actually restrict the absorption of biotin. Other sources of biotin include soybeans, potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, nuts, bananas, and brewer’s yeast.

Symptoms of Deficiency

Individuals who are suffering from a deficiency in biotin may experience fatigue, muscle pain, depression, loss of hair, and anemia (low iron). Other challenges which may be evident in these individuals include lack of appetite, dry scalp, dandruff, or dermatitis. Advanced symptoms of vitamin B7 deficiency can also include neurological challenges and restricted growth (in babies).

Health Benefits of Sufficient Intake of Biotin

1. Improved Metabolism – Biotin is needed for proper metabolic reactions which provide energy to the body. One example includes the need for the body to convert fats, proteins, and carbs to energy. Vitamin B7 is known as a synthesizer for a good number of dynamic health roles within the body.

2. Weight Loss – Vitamin B7 is important when individuals are losing weight. The vitamin helps the body to convert fat stores to energy. Individuals who are overweight, or obese, should include plenty of sources of biotin in the diet.

3. Tissue Preservation – Muscle tissues rely on biotin to grow and maintain. When muscles undergo damage (even from normal day to day activities), the vitamin helps in the tissue preservation process. Biotin is also important to the growth of healthy bone marrow.

4. Skin Care – One essential component to maintaining healthy skin is including enough biotin in the diet on a regular basis. The improved status of skin, hair, and nails is in part due to consuming vitamin B7 sources.

5. Blood Sugar – Biotin is great for helping the body to maintain normal blood sugar levels. The regulation of insulin in the body is improved with sufficient intake of vitamin B7.

6. Heart Challenges – The heart depends on needed amounts of biotin to function properly. The vitamin also naturally helps the body to reduce cholesterol, decreasing the risk for developing strokes, heart attacks, and the buildup of plaque in the vessels of the body.

7. Disease Treatment – Biotin is beneficial to patients with a number of diseases as stated earlier. Individuals with Crohn’s find it helpful to include sources of this healthy vitamin in the diet. Also, people suffering from peripheral neuropathy will treasure the addition of biotin in the diet, improving their quality of living.

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