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26 May 2016
Maltitol v. Sugar

Maltitol vs. Sugar In Gummies

Sugar alcohols are one form of reduced-calorie sweetener which is used in a variety of products including gummy supplements, ice creams, candy bars, cookies, puddings, and chewing gums. Sugar alcohols hold fewer calories as compared to sugar. They also have a lower impact on blood sugar within the body. Sugar alcohols, do not contain actual alcohol, nor do they contain any sugar, making them a great component when private labeling a supplement.

Examples of Sugar Alcohols

  • Maltitol
  • Mannitol
  • Sorbitol
  • Isomalt
  • Glycerol
  • Lactitol
  • Xylitol
  • Erythritol

Naturally Found vs. Manufactured

Some sugar alcohols transpire naturally in plants and can be extracted, such as mannitol from seaweed. Most sugar alcohols are manufactured and are derived from sugars as well as starches.

Reactions to Alcohol Sugars

Individuals eating foods containing alcohol sugars can have discomforting reactions to the ingredient. Notable reactions include diarrhea, bloating, and gastric discomfort. When using these sugar-free products, cautious experimentation is recommended.

Impact on Blood Sugar

Although alcohol sugars are “similar” to sugar in some ways, they are not completely absorbed by the body. For this reason, alcohol sugars do not “fully impact” blood sugar levels like sugar does. Each type of alcohol sugar will respond differently in the body.

Glycemic Index

The Glycemic Index (GI) is a standard measurement tool which provides information about how food, or product, impacts blood sugar. The figure assigned is based on the type of carbohydrate contained in the food item.

Low GI foods will range from 0 to 55, followed by medium GI foods in the range from 56 to 69. High GI foods will range 70 and above. Meats will hold a value of zero (0) since they do not have any carbohydrates.

Comparison of Alcohol Sugars

The Glycemic Index for sugar is 60, so it is considered a medium GI ingredient. Maltitol holds a GI of 36 is lowering the impact on one’s blood sugar, although it is not as sweet as sugar itself. Isomalt and sorbitol hold a very low GI of 9 while lactitol has a GI of 6. Different alcohol sugars impact blood sugar in a different way within the body.

10 May 2016
5 Benefits of Private Labeling

5 Benefits of Private Labeling

Private label products are created by one company and offered to another to sell. The products are made available to the public under the purchasing company’s name. The trend of private labeling is growing substantially and offers more alternatives to existing companies.


15 Apr 2016

The Real Truth About Gummy Vitamins: Pectin vs. Gelatin

The Real Truth About Gummy Vitamins: Pectin Versus Gelatin

Gummy Vitamins are quickly becoming a family favorite for taking supplements, but the question stands “should they be made from pectin or gelatin?” Market data revealed an increase in the sales of gummies by nearly 25% in 2014, and the percentage continues to climb.

Marketing health products in a gummy form offer a variety of benefits to consumers. Gummies are easy to take and offer availability to children, young adults, and even the elderly. Pectin and gelatin are the two most common gelling agents used to create gummies.

Benefits of Gelatin

When gelatin is used to create gummies, it offers functional benefits for the buyers. Using gelatin allows the gummies to be easily swallowed, and it also provides stability to the product itself. Gelatin is very versatile and offers an avenue for a “melt in your mouth” experience.

Niemann, director for Gelita USA, supports the use of gelatin because it also provides the end user with a speedy release of flavor. Using this form of the product also offers great color, adhesive qualities, and emulsification properties.

Gelatin is created by using proteins from collagen which is removed from the hides and bones of cattle. The proteins can also be found in the hides of pigs as well as in fish. This product would not be broadly available if it were not for the meat trade.

Offering a Kosher Product

One known challenge exists with creating gummies with gelatin. Pig gelatin, the most popular source, crosses cultural boundaries for some. Halal along with kosher diets forbid the consumption of any part of pigs. Gelita & Geliko LLC (G & G) have partnered together to provide certified kosher gelatin within the current market.

The process of certification for G & G is a very intricate undertaking. Every stage involved in the creation of kosher gummies, from the raw product to the final product, is very cumbrous. Thankfully, gelatin is also listed on the USDA National List of Allowed & Prohibited Substances and offers benefits within the market. Up to five percent (5%) can be used in certified organic foods.

Benefits of Pectin

Pectin is a plant-based option for producing gummies which offer benefits for vegetarians and vegans. The gelling agent used to create gummies from pectin is found in a number of plants.

The most commonly used source for pectin is the citrus peel. The next two most common resources include apple peels and sugar beet peels. The first two plant options are commonly used to create jams and jellies (in addition to gummies).

So, how do these substances rank, as compared to gelatin? Citrus peel and apple peel can differ slightly in texture although apple peels produce darker colors. One major difference gelatin gummies offer over pectin gummies is the “melt in your mouth” experience. Pectin gummy vitamins lack in this one area, although the product is pleasing and soft.

Gelatin Versus Pectin

Gordon, the manager for CP Kelco, agrees both agents used in making gummies offers very functional benefits and they are both quite effective. He also shares the final texture of each are different and provide a unique experience to the customer.

In higher temperature climates, pectin gummies offer the best solution for the transportation of the product. Each product holds a different “melting point.”

One thing to consider – pectin is a source of dietary fiber, although depending on gummy vitamins alone will require huge consumption levels. Both products offer a great solution for different groups of people!