Private Label Green Superfood
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Private Label Green Superfood

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Private Label Green Superfood

Green Superfood is an all organic blend of 10 organic vegetables, 4 grasses, probiotics, enzymes, herbs and fiber. Each scoop of this unique blend of superfoods contains the antioxidant equivalency of 6 servings of vegetables. This formula is blended in a apple/cinnamon flavor that covers the grassy taste and provides a subtle but pleasant taste in water or any smoothie. This formula is Non-GMO, soy free, dairy free and gluten free. The wheat grass in Green Superfood has been pressed prior to germination, so there is no gluten present. This formula also contains Vitakelp, a powerful patented superfood that is sourced from brown kelp. Along with Vitakelp, is brocolli, spirullina, chlorella, cabbage and much more. This formula helps support a healthy liver, cellular detoxification, increased energy and mental clarity.


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