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Private Label Multivitamin For Kids Gummy (Tropical Fruit)

Product Description


Private Label Multivitamin For Kids Gummy

The Gummy Multivitamin offers a nice array of whole food nutrients needed for daily living in children (and adults). This option provides a private label alternative for those interested in expanding nutritional supplements to the whole family. This excellent formula is created using a propriety process to ensure peak absorption of vitamins and minerals. Children and adults love the assortment of flavors offered.

Private label Gummy Multivitamin is a smart choice to include in your family product line, and the product provides outstanding nutrients for children during critical development years. Adults of all ages can also enjoy this “easy to take” daily supplement. This delicious solution supports the body with vitamins and minerals which can be easily missed, even with a healthy diet. The Gummy Multivitamin is an excellent product to provide in your one-stop shop which will keep clients coming back for more.


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