Private Label Whole Food Multivitamin
Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 2.37.37 PMPrivate Label Whole Food Multivitamin

Private Label Whole Food Multivitamin

Product Description

Whole Food Multivitamins are precisely created with desirable organic ingredients including active vitamin B, MTHF, and chelated minerals. The supplement provides a full range of vital nutrients for daily living. The quality process used to create this multivitamin will allow the body to more fully absorb the ingredients within. Whole Food Multivitamin is a private label option which can be used by men and women.

This product is an excellent choice for your clientele’s one-stop shopping needs. Your full product line is not complete without this high quality Whole Food Multivitamin. This naturally, organic multivitamin provides wonderful whole nutrition for all your clients.


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