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Private Label Red Superfood

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Private Label Red Superfood

Red Superfood is a delicious berry blend contains 9 usda organic fruits, enzymes, probiotics, herbs and fiber. Each scoop of Red Supremefood contains the antioxidant equivalency of 4 servings of fruits. This superfood powder contains no artificial sweetener, is Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Soy Free and Dairy Free. Looking to differentiate your product line? Consider private labeling Red Superfood, a whole food nutritional fruit powder. This superfood powder contains organic beets, pomegranate and berries which help to neutralize free radicals and support a healthy heart. One scoop of this and you will feel the boost in energy and the digestive support.


Every Red Superfood powder needs a partner product. Take a look at Green Superfood to determine if this fits with your existing line. You can learn about Green Superfood here:


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