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Private Label Fiber Powder plus Probiotics and Enzymes



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Private Label Fiber Powder Plus Probiotics and Enzymes (Lemon-Lime Flavor)

Unlocking Wellness with Lemon-Lime Flavored Fiber Power

Introducing our Lemon-Lime Flavored Fiber Power, a dynamic blend designed to nurture your well-being on multiple fronts. Crafted with precision and care, this powerful supplement offers a holistic approach to satiety, blood sugar support, and digestive health. Dive into a world of benefits, as we explore the remarkable ingredients that make this formula exceptional.

Supporting Satiety and Blood Sugar: Our Lemon-Lime Flavored Fiber Power is a versatile ally in your journey toward satiety and balanced blood sugar levels. With a natural formulation that harnesses the potential of Inulin Powder and Chia Seed Powder, you can now experience enhanced feelings of fullness and stability in your blood sugar levels. Embrace a newfound sense of control over your dietary choices and well-being.

Balancing Soluble and Insoluble Fiber: This exceptional blend encapsulates the power of both soluble and insoluble fiber. Soluble fiber, derived from sources like Inulin Powder, dissolves in water to form a gel-like substance in your digestive tract. This supports slower digestion and the absorption of nutrients, contributing to prolonged satiety. On the other hand, insoluble fiber, found in Chia Seed Powder, adds bulk to your stool and promotes healthy bowel movements, effectively supporting digestive health.

Harnessing the Strength of Probiotics: Our Lemon-Lime Flavored Fiber Power takes a proactive stance on gut health through our KicFIBERTM Probiotic Blend. With strains like L. Acidophilus and L. Bifidum, you’re not only promoting digestive health but also strengthening your body’s defense mechanisms. These probiotics work synergistically to maintain a balanced gut flora, enhancing nutrient absorption and overall well-being.

Enzymes for Enhanced Digestion: Digestive harmony is at the core of our Lemon-Lime Flavored Fiber Power. Our KicFIBERTM Digestive Enzyme Blend, featuring Cellulase and Hemicellulase, ensures that the fiber-rich goodness of this formula is readily accessible to your body. These enzymes break down complex fibers, making nutrients more bioavailable and digestion smoother.

The Nutritional Snapshot: Each serving of our Lemon-Lime Flavored Fiber Power offers you:

  • Calories: 10
  • Total Fat: 0g
  • Cholesterol: 0mg
  • Sodium: 10mg
  • Total Carbohydrate: 7g
    • Dietary Fiber: 7g (Soluble Fiber: 4g, Insoluble Fiber: 3g)
  • Total Sugars: 0g
  • Protein: <1g

Elevating the Experience with Premium Ingredients: We take pride in the components that define our Lemon-Lime Flavored Fiber Power:

  • KicFIBERTM Appetite and Glucose Maintenance: A potent blend of Inulin Powder and Chia Seed Powder, the driving force behind satiety and blood sugar support.
  • KicFIBERTM Probiotic Blend: Infused with 1 Billion CFU of L. Acidophilus and L. Bifidum, nurturing a thriving gut environment.
  • KicFIBERTM Digestive Enzyme Blend: Featuring Cellulase and Hemicellulase, paving the way for seamless nutrient absorption.
  • Natural Orange Flavor and Citric Acid: Creating a refreshingly tangy experience.
  • Sucralose: Offering a hint of sweetness without added sugars.

Your Journey to Wellness Begins Here: Embrace the vibrant taste and transformative benefits of our Lemon-Lime Flavored Fiber Power. Whether you’re seeking to support satiety, regulate blood sugar levels, or enhance digestive health, this blend stands as a testament to our commitment to your well-being. Elevate your daily routine and embark on a path toward balanced living with Best Private Label Supplements.

Experience the extraordinary – Experience Lemon-Lime Flavored Fiber Power.

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